Ultra Violet (UV) light is harmful to more than just your skin. Certain eye conditions, such as macular degeneration, photokeratitis, and cataracts, are also caused by exposure to UV light.

A cataract is an age related change to the lens inside the eye. Over time the lens becomes yellow. This can produce the effect of looking through a dirty window. Cataracts also cause glare, especially when driving at night, and a distortion of colour perception. Studies prove that people who have worn adequate UV protective glasses throughout their life have a much reduced incidence of cataracts.

Protection from UV light does not just mean good sunglasses anymore. Coatings can be placed on regular spectacles that are completely clear, and cut out over 99% of UV light. In addition, recent advances in contact lens technology have spawned a UV blocking contact lens. If you are interested in hearing more about UV protection, please contact our office.